Tomori Pál College


Name of the BA programme: Logistics and Freight Manager

(Post-Graduate Specialist Training Course)

Title of qualification: Logistics and Freight Manager

Course language: English

Field of training: Economics

Pre-requistie degree: BA or BSc degree in agriculture, technical or economic sciences

Duration of education: 2 semesters

ECTS value: 60 credit





  • Furnished with technical, methodological and technological skills, you will be able to review, analyse, organize, plan and control logistic systems both at the corporate and macro level; 
  • You will have the necessary skills to organize the transportation process by combining various means of transport and the relating additional activities, make and control the rational choice of alternatives;
  • You will know how to plan, manage and control storing, transporting and packaging goods in relation to the process of industrial and agricultural production;
  • You will learn how to assess the financial results of real economic processes and be familiar with the various methods of financing;
  • You will be able to place activities in the corporate organizational system and be aware of the implications and influence of the legal and regulatory environment.


Knowledge elements to be obtained in the programme:

  • Economics of businesses, management, accounting and controlling, marketing 
  • Field informatics, logistics, transportation, quality assurance, storing and packaging techniques.


Skills to learn in the programme:

  • Base skills: Economics of Businesses, Management, Accounting and Controlling, Computer Sciences, Marketing, Law and Insurance; 
  • Field-specific knowledge elements: Field Informatics, Logistics, Transportation, Quality Assurance, Storage Techniques, International Transport of Goods, Packaging Techniques including the application of the knowledge elements.



  • Logistics I.- II. 
  • Economics of businesses
  • Packaging techniques
  • Law and insurance
  • Management
  • Quality issues
  • Accounting and Controlling
  • Computer Science
  • Field Informatics
  • Marketing
  • Wharehousing techniques
  • International commodity turnover
  • Transporting
  • Thesis preparation and consultation


Required personal attributes and skills:

  • Accuracy, organizational skills, sense of responsibility, commitment, analytic skills, open attitude, creativity, ability to work intensively, attitude to solve problems


Use of the qualification in a specific environment:

  • Graduates will be eligible to fill the positions of middle and senior level managers at companies in production, transportation and logistics;
  • They will be eligible to manage financially their own businesses.


Groups of subjects and their credit values:

  • Foundation subjects: 19 credits (Business economics, Management, Accounting and controlling, Computer Sciences, Marketing, Law and Insurance)
  • Professional subjects: 31 credits (Field Informatics, Logistics, Transportation, Quality assurance, Storage techniques, International freight, Packaging techniques, Thesis writing and consultation)
  • Credit value of the thesis: 10 credits



Final exam:

  • A complex oral exam embracing professional subjects 
  • Thesis defense


Teachers of the specialization programme:



  • Csaba RÉDEI, director (redei(dot)csaba(at)tpfk(dot)hu




  • Registration fee: 300 Eur/semester 
  • Tuition fee: 2100 Eur/semester 
  • Accommodation fee: 750 Eur/semester