Tomori Pál College

Name of the HEI: Tomori Pál College

Address of the HEI: 1223 Budapest, Művelődés u. 21.

Institutional Identification Number of the HEI (OM identification): FI44196

Central phone number: +36-1-362-1551

Phone number of the Financial Office: +36-78-951-328

Tax number: 18365830-2-43

Bank account number in HUF: OTP 11732040-20043128

Bank account number in HUF: Takarékbank 50800159-11022602

Account number for foreign language exam registration fees: OTP 11732040-20043269

Bank account number in EUR (IBAN): HU13 1176 3323 4749 4888 0000 0000 Swift code: 18365830-8542-599-03 

Statistical code: 18365830-8542-599-03

The College is supported by TPF Higher Education and Service Providing Public Benefit Nonprofit Limited Company

  • Address: 1223 Budapest, Művelődés u. 21.
  • Company registration number: 01-09-285702 (registered by the Registry Court of Kecskemét)
  • Tax number: 21839492-1-43

The College was accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee in the resolution of MAB 2003/9/VII/2 on 5 December 2003. The Parliament granted recognition to Tomori Pál College on 14 June 2004 (see Act LX. of 2004). The Supporting Body issued the Foundation Deed on 22 June 2004.


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Student affairs: tanulmanyi(at); +36-1-362-15-51


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For student affairs and inquiries: opening hours: 8-12 and 12:30-15:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. The Student Affairs Office also schedules appointments at different time periods (phone: +36-1-362-15-51; e-mail:

For information about the Final Exam see the Study and Exam Regulations (; final exam sample questions are available on the opening page of Neptun (

Affairs related to the coordination of institutional mobility: Csaba Rédei (

Affairs related to disabled students: Dr. Rita Budai Kissné; Regulations of Equal Chances for Disabled Students (

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Study and career counselling: Dr. Rita Budai Kissné, Centre of Student Services

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Library and computer services: there is a library and computer room on both campuses, and the Budafok Library's member library is free of charge for students up to 60 students under a cooperation agreement between the college and the Szabó Ervin Library of Budapest.
Sports and recreational activities: the sports field on the college campus is free of charge, and students can use the fitness room at a reduced price under the agreement with the HÖK Völgy Fitness (1223 Budapest, Völgy u. 8.).



Name of the Institution: Tomori Pál College

Tomori Pál College (Budapest)

Address: 1223 Budapest, Művelődés u. 21-27., Hungary Maps

Tomori Pál College (Kecskemét)

Address: 6000 Kecskemét, Árpád krt. 4., Hungary