Tomori Pál College


Kornél Bányai, PhD - college professor​

He is an economist, a specialist in leadership and management, and a certified logistics expert of the Hungarian Logistics Association. He obtained his PhD degree with a thesis on the conversion opportunities between the military and business logistics. He started his professional career at the management office for materials and techniques of the river fleet of Honvéd and he went on to work for several multinational companies in Hungary (Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts, GlaxoSmithKline, Rockwool) to manage their logistics organization. Currently, he is the general manager of Rockwool Hungary Ltd. He also worked as a Central and Eastern European logistics director for the same company before and he was responsible for the Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, ex-Yugoslavian, Czech and Slovakian markets. He is a member in a number of scientific associations, and his research focuses on logistics history and the relating leadership and management issues.