Tomori Pál College

  1. Go for tab Exams and then go for Exam registration



  1. You will receive the page below which will indicate the already announced exams to all your registered subjects.

(Teachers will continuously announce exams throughout the exam period, this is why it is important that you set to receive messages about every operation). Please don’t forget to set the current semester to see the relevant information!

To register for a selected exam, click on the grey field at the end of the line of the exam and then click on ’register’ in the pop-up window.

  1. If you have already registered for an exam, but you change your mind, then first click on the same checkbox, then click on the word ’drop’ in the pop-up text box.




  1. Normally you may register for an exam until 12 o’clock before the day of the exam. Teachers may set a different deadline for registrations. You may check the deadline by clicking on the same grey checkbox and then see Exam details in the pop-up window:



  1. You will get the image below by clicking on ’Exam details’. The red border area is where a special deadline for exam registrations can be seen, in the example here no special deadline was set by the teacher.