Tomori Pál College




Citizens of non-European countires have to apply personnally for a student resindence permit at the nearest Hungarian Consulate.


Requirements for Student Visa:

  • ID document (Passport)
  • Certificate of Education
  • Letter of Confirmation
  • Proof of of necessary financial background for conducting studies in Hungary. Enough for one year's stay in Hungary including the return travel costs. Around EUR 5000-6000 coming from a regular income that must be evident from the bank account statements. Bank Account issues:
    • Only a personal bank account is accepted, a company account is NOT accepted.
    • If your fees and living costs are sponsored, the SPONSOR can only be a parent or a legal guardian, no other relative is accepted (sister/brother/aunt/uncle. grandparent etc.) You and your sponsor have to be resident in the same country. If your parents are sponsoring your stay, you have to prove that you are related by presenting their birth certificates.
    • You or your sponsor must prove that they have regular income, witch means that the bank account statement of the past 6 months should indicate a steady incoming amount each month. Safe account (a large amount deposited once or a few times on the account) will NOT be considered redular. The bank account statement must be official (stamped and signed).
    • The source of the regular income must be proved (official work certificate etc.)
    • All household family members of the sponsor will be considered when calculating the available income per person.