Tomori Pál College

Preparatory Program (1 semesters)

Tomori Pál College offers Preparatory Programs for those whose linguistic or/and academic level is not sufficient for starting Bachelor level studies, but seek to start their BA studies at Tomori Pál College. 


Starting date: Septemmber and February each year

Course language: English

Duration of education: 1 semesters

ECTS value: 30 credits

Mody of study: Full-time (face-to-face/online classes)





  • Tuition fee: 1500 Eur/semester (For International Students)
  • Accommodation fee: 750 Eur/semester



Course guide:


Title of the Course


 Method of assessment. 


Business English language (16 classes/week)

The course is intended to improve the linguistic skills of the students. By completing the course, students will reach the necessary level in English to start their BA programmes.

The goal of the course is to give knowledge for the students about the thematic of business life in the chosen foreign language related to the labour market requirements. Thus the students gaining interdisciplinary knowledge will be able to understand and suggest solutions for real economic and business processes. The course prepares the students for being able to use the foreign language as a work assets in international level and in different areas of business life.



Principles of Economics (2 classes/week)

Students acquire the basic notion-systems, the theory and the methodology of international economics. They become knowledge about the international trade, the notion and measuring of comparative advantages. Students also acquire knowledge regarding the main instruments of regulation of foreign trade, the microeconomic and macroeconomic approaches of international trade.They will know the specialities of market economy which are important in the international economic relations. Students receive a comprehensive knowledge about the international monetary system and the field of policy of economics. They will be able to evaluate the changes which occur in the international economic processes and will be able to sketch theoretic solutions.



Computer science (2 classes/week)

The student learns the basic principles of word processing and spreadsheets. This will enable the possession of individual tables in the preparation and knowledge of all types of text documents (math, economics, etc.), in accordance with the improvement, modification. It can handle a high level, used in everyday word processing and spreadsheet programmes.



EU Studies (2 classes/week)

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the European idea, the history of European integration, to introduce the phases of integration, the series of enlargement and the birth of the European Union. Students learn the institutions of the European Union, its decision-making processes, public policies. The aim is to offer a general view of the European Union as an institution of integration.



Hungarian as foreign language (2 classes/week)

The students during the course can get an insight into the theories and practices of management, gains knowledge of the tasks and requirements of leaders in the different levels of the organizations. The presented knowledge give help and a base for the students to become and do well as a managers and decision makers in an organization.








Method of assessment:

coll - Collocvium (exam grade)

pract - Practical grade

cri - Criterion subject