Tomori Pál College

Tomori, Pál (?, around 1475 – Mohács, 29. August 1526.) came from a lower noble family and started his career as a provincial treasurer. He was the steward of the board of salt and a castellan of several castles between 1501 and 1519, when he became the castellan of the royal capital city. He moved to a Franciscan cloister as a consequence of some political failure and the death of two of his brides in 1520. Following a vigorous campaign of the occupying Turkish troops, he was forced to take the positions of both the archbishop of Kalocsa and the chief commander by a decree of the Pope. He started to fight bravely against the Turks from 1522 and was successful by keeping an iron discipline in his army. He was backed by the nuncio but could not cooperate with the Hungarian feudal barons who failed to render any (mainly financial) help. He was very much respected due to his military successes before Mohács and his descent behaviour among the greedy landlords. When it came to the battle of Mohács, he opposed to the fight, but executed the order of the royal war council. He fought bravely and was killed in the battle, after which the sultan had his head carried around in his camp as a sign of his victory.

(According to the Hungarian Encyclopaedia of Biographies)