Tomori Pál College


Ömür Önhon, PhD - college associate professor

Following his graduation as a mechanical engineer, he went on to study economics and became a Master of Business Administration and then obtained a PhD degree. His PhD thesis focused on the relationship between organizational behaviour and company management styles. He remained active in business life and worked as a senior executive manager for various multinational companies. He worked as a chief engineer in production planning and logistics at the subsidiary of Isuzu Motors in Turkey and then as a purchase and supply chain manager at the Turkish Telekom Mobile to continue his job career as the purchase and internal control director of Huawei Technology. He was a co-founder of a consultancy based in Istanbul, which offered training, consulting, coaching and mentoring services to small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Turkey. He has been lecturing as an associate teacher of Tomori Pál College since September 2018 and he also participates in training and consulting activities.